Top 10 Sites to Sell Your Photos

These days, there are lots of ways to get paid. You can get paid to take surveys, you can get paid to write, you can even get paid to use search engines! But, one of those good ways of getting paid online is through your photographs. Anyone with a camera can make money online by selling his or her photos…. [Read More]

Top 4 Sites that Pay You to Upload Files

Getting paid to upload files and documents may sound unbelievable and a bit crazy, but it is possible. You can actually make a little money from files and documents that are sitting in your hard drive gathering dust, although I must say, it’s not much money. But, I’d say considering the fact that most of us have lots of files and documents that will never ever be used again, it is not a bad idea to at least get something out of them.

Of course, personal and sensitive files are out of the question. But you can always upload files like tutorials, guides and even freewares that you own.

Here are 4 websites that will pay you for your files and documents. Simply upload your files there and get paid anytime someone download them…. [Read More]

Top 10 Sites that Pay You to Blog

Blogging for money could very well be one of the most clear-cut methods of making money online. Blogging for pay hasn’t changed much over the years. You simply agree to write blog posts for pay for other people.

Now, it would be time consuming for any individual blogger to go out and find marketers who would pay for their posts. That is why there are third party sites where you can write as a blogger and earn money.

If you are interested in making some cash by blogging for others, here are some of the top companies that will pay you to blog. (Credit for this list goes to satrap of who has provided an even bigger list of sites that pay you to write)…. [Read More]