Get Paid to Watch TV

The concept of anyone paying you to watch your beloved TV shows sounds crazy, and in a time in which the nation is struggling with record weight problems, it is strange that anyone would wish to entice viewing more TV.Nevertheless, there are a few companies that do actually pay people for watching people.

Today we will be talking about two such companies.


1. Viggle

Viggle, an app for Android and Apple gadgets, who’s motto is actually “Now TV Loves You Back” is an app that does indeed promote watching TV. And contrary to Nielsen TV program in which you must have a diary recording every single show you watch on TV, to get compensated, with Viggle all you need to actually do is chill out, loosen up, have fun watching your favorite TV shows, and let the points collect as time passes!

How does Viggle work?

Viggle is a type of reward program the same as an airline reward program. However, rather than earning miles you get points that could be exchanged for a myriad of awards.

It’s relatively easy and hassle-free – You just download the Viggle app which happens to be 100 % free. After that, anytime you like to watch TV, simply check-in using your mobile phone. Viggle will automatically recognize the show you are watching, and rewards you based on each specific show and the number of minutes you watch it.

How much money can you make?

Once you have attained sufficient points, you’ll be able to redeem them for heaps of different awards, including gift cards, movie tickets and music. Additionally you can donate your points to a charitable organization of your liking.

The smallest award is actually $5 gift certificate which you can get in exchange for 7,500 points.

Considering that they give 1500 sign up bonus, and the fact that an average night of watching TV will earn you around 400 points, it’s not that hard to rack up the points quickly.

2. Netflix ( Yes, Netflix also pays you to watch TV)

There is also another way to get paid for watching your favorite TV shows, Netflix.

Netflix has a program where the workers, known as “Tagger,” watche the programs, analyzes them, and help Netflix figure out what each of their 48 million members are going to view next.


As you can imagine, you won’t be able to make any substantial amount of money as a paid TV watcher, but you can for sure earn a little extra money and prizes for doing what you already do.

I mean, you already spend time watching TV, why not get paid to watch your favorite shows now!