Top 4 Sites that Pay You to Upload Files

Getting paid to upload files and documents may sound unbelievable and a bit crazy, but it is possible. You can actually make a little money from files and documents that are sitting in your hard drive gathering dust, although I must say, it’s not much money. But, I’d say considering the fact that most of us have lots of files and documents that will never ever be used again, it is not a bad idea to at least get something out of them.

Of course, personal and sensitive files are out of the question. But you can always upload files like tutorials, guides and even freewares that you own.

Here are 4 websites that will pay you for your files and documents. Simply upload your files there and get paid anytime someone download them.
DocStoc is undoubtedly an extraordinary document sharing web site. It’s one of the greatest document databases just about anywhere.

You will get paid to load files of numerous totally different types, from pdf file, doc, docx, xls, xlsx and ppt to pptx, pps, ppsx, rtf as well as txt. It’s also possible to load your posts or even how-to’s, provided that they come in one of the previously mentioned file format.

The absolute maximum dimensions of a single document that one could load is normally 50 Megabytes, therefore make certain your documents aren’t too large. The earnings is dependent on how often your documents will be downloaded. The earnings originates from Adsense advertisements shown on your document webpages.
It is possible to load limitless number of Pictures, Video clips, Mp3 files and more. The absolute maximum document dimension is always 200 Megabytes.

Whenever each of your documents is down loaded, you earn cash, $0.001 being precise. As soon as you arrive at $10, it may be redeemed for money, which is to be paid out to you through PayPal. Pretty much all Payments are going to be handled around the 10th of every calendar month.
DepositFiles is really a well-liked global program intended for securely shifting, saving as well as circulating documents. The earnings is dependent on the dimensions of your documents and also you get paid every time a document of yours is down loaded.

A document of 1Mb to 4Mb size is going to get you $2, and a 5Mb to 9Mb is going to get you $3. In essence, the larger the document, the larger the reward. Among the best things when it comes to this particular absolutely free document sharing website is their particular Bonus system, which is actually a rivalry for additional downloads.

Anyone who has got the the vast majority of down loaded documents, receives an added bonus of 200% over their profits for that interval. For instance, in the event you gained $500 in that period of time (often a calendar month), you are going to collect $1500 as your reward. Additionally you get paid 20% of your respective referral’s income. (Update: Unfortunately it seems like this site has been bought by which doesn’t pay for uploading files).
CU is yet another excellent document hosting program.

Load your documents and publish all the links in your Blog or website. Whenever somebody downloads one of your documents, based on the dimensions of your document, you get between $1 to anywhere up to $100 (for each 1,000 download).

They pay for downloads coming from 36 nations throughout the world. You get 10% of your respective referrals income. The actual minimum necessary for cashing out is actually $30. Payments seem to be delivered through Epassporte, AlertPay, PayPal and also Webmoney in just Seven days from request.


The above few sites offer a simple way for you to earn some extra cash. And what I like about this is that you upload your files once, but you keep earning money for them every time someone download them. So, it is kind of passive income, although its not much of an income.