Get Paid to Test Products at Home: Top 20 Sites

Did you know you can get paid to test products at home?…

Most people don’t even know such money making opportunities exist, and those who hear about it for the first time are usually skeptical. And rightly so, I mean, why would anyone give you free stuff to try, and pay you on top of that?…

Well, the “who” here are companies and manufacturers who are trying to improve their existing products so they can sell more of them, or are trying to develop new stuff that the consumers will like. But how are they going to know what the consumer thinks about their products and services?…

Consumers are not gonna get online and chat with them for nothing!

So, the only way for these companies and manufacturers to find out whats on the minds of their consumers is to simply ask them. But you can’t just send people mails asking tons of questions and expecting everybody to return the mail with answers. I mean, people are busy, plus most people could care less. That is why companies came up with a clever idea of paid product testing.

It’s very simple, they send you free products to try at home for a few weeks, then they send you an email asking you to rate your experience using the product. Once they receive your answers, they will send you a check.

It’s a sweet deal for both sides. Companies get what they want, and the consumers get to have a say in products and services that they use in their daily lives, plus earning some extra cash.

If you are interested and want to get paid to try products at home, simply register with a few of these paid product testing or market research companies, they then will connect you with companies whenever they need product testers for specific studies. Its simple as that.


20 Paid Product Testing Panels

1- Nielsen Homescan Panel

2- MindsPay

3- National Consumer Panel

4- Contract Testing Inc. (Open to U.S. & Canada Residents)

5- Product Testing Services

6- SurveySpot

7- Global Test Market

8- Loreal Product Testing Panel

9- EJ’s Ezine

10- Food Perspectives (Open to Twin Cities Minneapolis Area Residents)

11- Microsoft Usability Research

12- The Litmus Test (Open to U.K. Residents)

12- Start Sampling

14- Software Judge

15- VOConline

16- UTZ Snacks

17- Tragon

18- Good Housekeeping Product Tester Panel

19- Acronis

20- Brillo Consumer Advisory Panel


Many of the above panels conduct studies about food, so, you actually get paid to eat food as well. Remember, if you want to increase your odds of getting invited to as many product testings studies as possible, you have to sign up with as many of these research companies as you can.

That way you can get paid to test products at home more than once or twice a month.