Get Paid to Teach English Abroad

Getting paid to teach English abroad is a great way of making money while traveling the world. I mean, it can’t get nay better than this.

You get to teach English all over the world and earn money, while traveling to different places and experiencing unique cultures.

Work Abroad Programs

Of course, you could find English teaching jobs on your own (like some folks do), by going to different countries and searching for opportunities. But that will be very hard to do, and you will need a hefty valet to do that.

That said, your best bet is going through teaching English abroad programs that specialize in connecting teachers with countries where they need English teachers. With these companies, you can get English teaching jobs in many different parts of the world.

You could travel and earn money as an English teacher to Russia, Italy, Czech Republic, Mexico and Brazil, to Japan, Thailand, China, Saudi Arabia and many other countries across the globe.

Here are 3 best places to look for teaching jobs abroad:


2. ESL Employment


The above sites have job listings for lots of different countries. But if you are looking to teach English in a specific country, you might want to check out these sites:

How much do you get paid to teach English abroad?

The amount of money you can earn teaching English abroad depends on the type of job. If you are working for a University, you may get a bigger paycheck. If you work for private language institutes, you can expect to get paid by the hour. While wages for teaching at a private elementary school or high school can differ greatly from one place to another.

It is also important to mention that teachers with TEFL certification usually tend to earn much more than others.

So, as you can imagine, just how much money one can make teaching abroad depends on many different factors. That said, you can expect anywhere from $700 to $4000 a month depending on what region your work is located. Obviously, in countries where cost of living is lower, your salary would be lower as well.

Get your TEFL

While you can certainly teach English abroad without certification, if you want to take this a step further and increase your chance of getting hired for better paying English teaching jobs abroad, you might want to look into getting your TEFL.

Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is basically a certification that you can easily get online. Having a TEFL certificate establishes you as a better qualified teacher, enabling you to earn bigger salaries. You can actually take a TFEL course online for just $150 on TeflOnline.

Bottom Line

Teaching English overseas is a really fun way of making a living. Looking at online forums where teachers hang out, it’s very easy to see that most people who are teaching abroad are happy with what they do.

So, if you like traveling abroad, and are fluent in English, getting paid to teach English could be the dream job you have been looking for.