Get Paid to Shop

What’s better than buying something you want and getting paid for it?

But how is this possible, and why would anyone give you money for doing shopping?…

Well there are a few ways this happens. One is through mystery shopping where you get paid to pose as real shoppers but with the intent to evaluate the experience, and the second one is through online rewards and cash-back programs where you basically get rebate for shopping through certain portals.

We will cover both today.

1. Mystery Shopping

It’s called mystery shopping, secret shopping, and even shadow shopping.

It’s basically another form of market research studies. Just like when you get paid to take surveys, you are actually providing valuable information to the manufacturers and companies to help them improve their products and develop new products for the future, by becoming a secret shopper, you help businesses improve their employees customer services skills, as well as the over all performance of the business itself.


Mystery shopping has been around for a long time. But in the last few years, it has been getting bigger and more popular. Basically, companies pay market research companies to hire people to shop at their stores under cover, and report back their experience. It’s as simple as that.

Now, what’s not easy is finding legitimate and trusted mystery shopping companies. You see, there are so many mystery shopping scams sites out there, acting as legit mystery shopping companies and ripping people off, that it really gets hard separating the legit secret shopping sites from scams.

That’s why, I have done some research and gone through the Mystery Shopping Providers Of North America, to find reliable and legit secret shopping companies that do actually pay people for shopping. Here are

50 Legit Mystery Shopping Companies

  1. A Closer Look
  2. A Customer’s Point of View
  3. ALCOPS – Allied Corporate Protection Services
  4. Ann Michaels & Assoc
  5. Anonymous Insights
  6. Beyond Hello Inc
  7. Business Evaluation Services
  8. Campus Consulting
  9. Devon Hill Associates
  10. Excel Shopping & Consulting
  11. Kern Scheduling Services
  12. Kinesis
  13. LeBlanc & Associates
  14. Management Consultant Group, LLC
  15. Marketing Systems Unlimited
  16. MarketWise Consulting Group, Inc.
  17. Mars Research
  18. Melinda Brody & Company
  19. Merchandise Concepts
  20. Michelson & Associates, Inc.
  21. Mintel International Group Ltd
  22. Mystery Guest, Inc
  23. Nationwide Services Group
  24. Northwest Mystery Shopping Service
  25. Pacific Research Group
  26. Pat Henry Group
  27. Patron Edge
  28. Person To Person Quality
  29. Premier Service Consulting
  30. Quality Assessments Mystery Shoppers, LLC
  31. QSI Specialists
  32. The Quest for Best Mystery Shoppers
  33. Reality Check Mystery Shoppers
  34. Restaurant Evaluators
  35. Ritter & Associates, Inc.
  36. Satisfaction Services, Inc.
  37. Second To None, Inc.
  38. Secret Shopper
  39. Sensors Quality Management Inc.
  41. Service Alliance, Inc
  42. Service Evaluation Concepts
  43. Service Excellence Group, Inc.
  44. Service Performance Group Inc.
  45. Service Probe
  46. ServiceSense
  47. SG Marketing Group, Inc
  48. The Shadow Agency
  49. Shoppers’ Critique International, LLC
  50. Shoppers, Inc

2. Cash Back: Online Rewards Programs

Now, there is another form of paid shopping that is known as “cash back” or “online loyalty programs”. These are companies that will give you cash back and rewards if you shop through their website. Basically, they have a shopping section with links to hundreds of different online stores.

So, let’s say you want to buy a book from Instead of going to Amazon directly, you first login to your account on one of these online rewards programs, then you go to the shopping section and click on and basically enter Amazon through their site. The, when you buy the book or whatever else, the reward site will give you cash back  or points for every dollar you spend. Those points, obviously, can be redeemed for cash or even gift certificates for lots of stores.

It’s a great way to shop and get paid. I mean, if you are going to buy something any way, you may as well, go through one of these rewards program and make some money while you shop.

So, if you are ready to get paid for shopping, here are some of the top get paid to shop online programs where you can register for free and earn cash back every time you shop through them:

10 Legit Cash Back Shopping Programs


Final Thoughts

There you have it, some of the best legit mystery shopping companies and online cash back and rewards programs where you can get paid to shop.