Get Paid to Search

Getting paid to search the internet is a new concept created by online rewards programs. These sites pay their members for performing their normal searches through their search engines.

Of course, these rewards sites don’t just like to give away money to people, they also make money by selling ad space to advertisers. That is how they can afford to pay people to do variety of things including searching the web.

If you are interested in earning some extra cash in your free time, here are a few paid search sites that will pay you to search the Internet:

 google-search1. BingRewards

Although Google doesn’t pay you for searching, its famous rival, Bing, does! You earn points for performing each search. Once you have enough points, you can exchange them for gift cards and other prizes.


Perhaps the biggest and most well-known of all sites that pay you to search is SwagBucks. SB is a giant amongst online rewards programs, so much so that it has been featured many times on many national TV programs.

Every time you search on SwagBucks, you have the chance to win cash, anywhere from $1 up tp $100. You can also get paid for completing offers, taking surveys, shopping and more on SwagBucks.


Blingo doesn’t actually pay you for searching per se, it gives you a chance to win a p[rice for every search you do on Blingo. You can search up to 25 times a day to win instant prizes, such as movie tickets, gift cards and even cars!


Earn 3 points per search, though you only earn points for the first 100 searches you perform. They also give you 25% commission on your referral’s earnings. Once you have accumulated 6500 points ($25) you can ask to be paid either via PayPal or, you can redeem your points for a prepaid Visa gift card.


For every minuet you search on InteradMedia you earn $0.001. You also earn 5% commission on your referral’s earnings. You will be paid through PayPal once you reach $25.


Very similar to SwagBucks, and a favorite amongst many folks. Beside earning money for searching, you can also earn money by watching ads, shopping, taking paid surveys, etc. Once you have 650 points (equals to $5), you will be paid.

Final Words

These are paid search sites that I could find so far. please keep in mind that getting paid to search the web is not something that will help you pay your bills.

It’s just a great opportunity to earn money for doing something that you would normally do anyway.

We all search the web, so why not get paid for it!