Get Paid to Read Books

Getting paid to read books is a great way for book lovers to earn extra money doing something they love.

There are a few different ways in which you can get paid for reading books.

Here are a few:

1. Become a paid book reviewer

The most obvious way to get paid for reading books is to read books and write paid reviews based on your experience.

You can get paid for reviewing books in two ways:

  1. you could either write reviews for a magazine or other publications,
  2. or you could work directly with authors and charge them to write reviews about their books on your own blog.


Of course, the latest will work if you have a big popular blog. But if you want to write reviews for companies, here is a list of few book review markets that you may be able to work with:

  1. The Writer
    They pay $50 for reviews of books, videos, software and other products of interest to writers.
  2. The Chattahoochee Review
    Earn up to $50.00 for reviews, and up to $100 for essays on books related to fiction, poetry, nonfiction, etc.
  3. Na’amat Woman Magazine
    You could make about $75 for a 750 words long review of books with Jewish content.
  4. The Women’s Review of Books
    You can get paid $0.14 per word for reviews about books by and about women.
  5. Good Old Boat
    Pays about $50 for book reviews between 375 to 450 words long review of books related to cruising sailboats.
  6. Dovetail
    Earn $15 for every 500 words long review you write on books with Jewish/Christian theme.
  7. Astronomy
    They pay around $200 for a 400 word review of astronomy related books. Although they prefer reviews written by scientists and amateur astronomers, they also accept reviews by the general public if its good.
  8. ABQarts Magazine of the Arts
    They pay $30 for a 350 words review, and $50 for a 750 words review. Books reviewed should be about New Mexico or written by a resident of New Mexico.
  9. Home Cooking
    Get paid $25 for a full review on cook books, and $10 for mini reviews (could be 50 words or less).

2. Use affiliate programs

Another way you can earn money by writing reviews is to use affiliate Sign up for’s affiliate program. Then you can promote products sold on Amazon as an affiliate where you get a percentage of every sale you make.

Write reviews about books sold on Amazon, and include a link to the products’ sales page. Every time someones buys the book through your site, you earn commission.

You can join Amazon Associate program for free by visiting AmazonAssociates.

3. Edit books

You can work for a publishing company or as an independent contractor editing writer’s work.

Of course, just how much you get paid would depend on your level of expertise and experience.

Here are a few freelancing sites you can use to find book-editing work:

  1. Freelancer
  2. Elance
  3. oDesk

4. Create Audio Books

You think you have a good voice?

You can make audio books by simply reading books out load (your own or others’), turning them into audio books.

You can use these sites to sell your audio books:

  1. CD Baby
  2. Feiyr
  3. Clickbank

Bottom Line

As you can see there are different ways you can earn money as a book reviewer.

And to be honest, if you can snag big projects, you could actually make a good living getting paid to review books.