Paid Forum Posting: 8 Forums that Pay You to Post

Getting paid to post on forums has grown to become a rather accepted way of making a little extra money online. Discussion forums have grown to be an important part of the internet, and as a result of this success, today, there are plenty of discussion boards relating to virtually any subject matter you can think of.

While the majority of user discussion forums are ideal for discovering and discussing more knowledge about a particular subject matter, there are some that happen to be equally perfect for enabling you to earn some additional cash for engaging in an activity you already enjoy doing, taking part in online forums.

If you are interested and would like to get paid to write posts on forums, the following 8 paid to post forums are the most well-known ones where you can register for free and earn extra cash as a paid poster.


8 Paid To Post Forums

They pay between $0.03 to as much as $0.10 for every single post. The higher the quality of your posts, the more you earn. Paid thru Liberty Reserve.

Again, for every single post you get $0.02. Three choices for getting paid – PayPal, Liberty Reserve and Alert Pay.

Members can earn $0.03 for every single post. When you reach $4, you are paid thru Liberty Reserve.

ED is among the few paid forums that offers a $0.50 “Welcome Bonus” when you enroll. One can get paid $0.02 for each and every post, as well as $0.10 for each and every thread he or she starts.

An important feature about ExtraDime is the fact that they even provide you with a little free space on the forum that enable you to show your Google adsense advertisements and make money that way too.

Earn $0.02 per post. Cash out via  Liberty Reserve. However, there is this rule that you have to post at least 200 posts to be eligible for cash out.

This is actually the sole Paid to post forum I am aware of which includes revenue sharing, in which they will share half of their earnings with you. Which means that regardless of what the site brings in via your content, 50 % of it will be given to you. One can nevertheless earn cash for forum posting too. They pay through Liberty Reserve.

Being a free member, you will be compensated around $0.03 to $0.10 for each post in accordance with the level of quality your posts have. Paid or upgraded users earn around $0.05 to $0.20 for each post.

MyLot went live in 2005, and it happens to be among the first of this category of forums. For every single thread initiate, you receive anywhere between $0.1 to $0.50. And for each and every respond your responses or threads get, you get $0.01.

Additionally you can earn up to $0.20 in bonus by taking advantage of MyLot’s tailor made search engine. Upon having $10 in your account, you are paid via PayPal.


Paid forum posting is simple, fun and best of all it gives you an option to make money doing nothing out of the ordinary. You participate in forums anyway, you may as well get paid for posting on these forums.