This Site Pays You to Lose Weight!

How would you like to get paid to lose weight?…

Thanks to the obesity epidemic, an independent site with the help of big corporations and the federal government, has taken on itself to encourage people to shed some pounds and get healthy by paying them for it. And incredibly it seems like getting paid is a good motivator for lots of folks. That site is called


How Do You Actually Get Paid For Losing Weight?

HealthyWage builds and sets up weight loss challenges and competitions through which individuals will be able to earn cash for weight reduction. HealthyWage was highlighted in the New York Times, Time magazine, as well as numerous other press outlets.

  • The Matchup Challenge
    The Matchup can be described as three-month weight loss work where teams of five participate to be able to get $18,000 in cash incentives (primary winning prize is going to be $10,000; next place receives $5,000; and finally the 3rd place will get $3,000). The winning squad could be the one that drops the maximum percentage of weight all through the match.
  • The 10% Challenge
    The 10% Challenge means that you can bet on your own weight-loss and double your hard earned dollar as a result of shedding 10% of your bodyweight within 6 months. At sign up, you need to pay $100. They’ll pay you $200 half a year down the track assuming you have shed 10% of your excess weight.
  • The BMI Challenge
    You receive cash to burn fat in one full year. Their 100 % free system will pay you $100 so long as you start out overweight (BMI above 30) and arrive at a well-balanced weight (BMI below 25) subsequent to 12-months. If you would like to win extra money (about $1,000), you could put up part of your own cash.

It’s a win win situation for anybody motivates enough to shed some pound. I really think its a great way to lose weight and make some extra cash doing so.