Get Paid to Go to School

Get paid to go to school! It sounds like an ideal way of getting some education.

With the ever increasing costs of college, many students find themselves in a tight situation where they have to give up on their dream of going to college.

Thankfully, there are a few ways you can get paid to go to nursing school, culinary school, business school, even online school, and everything in between.

1- Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

Your first step towards paid college attendance is to apply for financial aid and scholarships. The good news is that when the total of the financial aid and scholarships you receive is more than your tuition bill, you can keep the difference. That’s how lots of students are getting paid to go to school.

In order to get money for college, you’ll have to fill out the FAFSA form. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. There are two different kinds of financial aids for college students: Loans and grants.

  • Loans are the kind of financial aid that you have to pay back once you graduate.
  • Grants on the other hand are like free money for college students – you don’t actually have to pay them back.

Now, if you really want to get paid for going to college, make sure you try to go with Grants instead of loans, as with loans, you are not really getting paid, you are just going into debt, but with grants you are truly being paid for attending school.

  • Scholarships
    Another option is Scholarships. Scholarships work the same way as grants where you don’t have to pay them back. However, scholarships are not awarded just by the government, they can also be awarded by different organization.

apple2- Get your boss to pay for your education

Another way to get school paid is to get your boss to pay for it. As unlikely as it sounds, there are actually many companies that have what are called “tuition reimbursement programs”, where they reimburse all your tuition fees. Why would a company do that?…

It’s simple and very smart really – you won’t get paid for nothing, they do it to help their employees make progress in their professional development, which often means the company will benefit from the employee’s education in the long run.

Of course, there are some rules for getting your tuition fees reimbursed. For example, some companies require you to stay at least 5 years or so with them. If you leave before that, you will have to pay for your school on your own.

Check with your company to see whether or not they have any tuition reimbursement programs, and if so, what the requirements are.

3- Become an employee of a College or University

Another often over looked way of getting paid for going to school is by becoming an employee of a school. There are hundreds of colleges around the country that allow their employees get free education.

The best part is that any employee can qualify for that. So no matter if you are a janitor, an administrative assistant, a cook or what have you, you can still get paid to go to college.

4- Find a no tuition school

I know it sounds highly unlikely, but there are actually some school that have no tuition, although there are very scattered across the country and not many of them exist.

As you can imagine, the competition for getting in is stiff, so you will have to keep your eye open and be ready at all time.

Schools in the US that don’t have tuition include. Cooper Union, Curtis Institute of Music, Deep Springs College, Berea College, Alice Lloyd College and Olin College of Engineering.

5- Join the military

Another way on how to get college paid for is by joining the military, as many of the military branches do have programs in place where they pay for their members. Some of them will even give you extra money on top of that. Now that is what I call getting paid to go to college.

To qualify for these kind of programs, there are some requirements that you, as a member of military, have to fulfill. To find out more about these programs, and whether or not you qualify, visit military related websites or offices and seek answers.

6- Find tuition waivers

Tuition fees are backbreaking, but thankfully, many schools have what are called tuition waivers. A tuition waiver can be awarded to you for many different reasons. For example, if you are a teaching assistant, or work in your school’s newspaper, you may qualify to get your tuition fees waived.

Now, there is another form of tuition waivers that are offered by the government. For example, in the state of Illinois, those who commit to teaching in Illinois after they graduate, can get a four year tuition waiver. Isn’t that great!

The best way to find out about tuition waivers is to ask your school. Though, sometimes you really have to dig deep to find them. But its well worth the effort as it practically means you will get paid for being a student, since you don’t have to pay those massive tuition fees.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, 6 practical options for those who want to get paid for going to college.

Some people may not perceive this as “getting paid to go to school”, but I and many others do. I mean, if you had to pay $30.000 to go to school, but somehow somebody else pays it for you, doesn’t that mean you just saved $30.000?…

And as they say, “a penny saved is a penny earned”. That’s why I believe the above 6 options are great ways to get paid to go to school.