Get Paid to Give Advice

Yes, you can actually get paid to give advice to people online.

If you are the kind of person that family and friends go to, saying “I need advice”, you could turn your expertise and knowledge into an online income stream.

Many people do make money giving advice online on a variety of topics and issues. And the concept is becoming even more popular and widely used as more and more people use the Internet for almost everything.

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How to make money giving advice online?

Getting paid for giving advice works in a quit straight forward way – There are these question and answers style websites where people seek answers and advice just about any situation you can think of.

In order for you to give advice online and get paid, you will need to register with some of these sites for free. Then, whenever there are people needing advice and help about stuff you are knowledgeable about, you simply provide them with your relevant expertise and knowledge. That is how you get paid to post advice and answers.

If you are ready to get paid for advice, here are a few sites where you can make money by giving advice:

1- SmallBizAdvice

As the name suggests, it’s a business related site where you can make money giving advice and providing answers about everything related to small business. They pay via PayPal or check (your choice).

2- Keen

Keen is more centered around giving psychic advice, non the less, people do make money by giving advice on all kinds of topics.

3- WerLive

You give advice and tips to people through video chat. In a sense, you get paid for chatting with people online. However, you can also record tutorials and provide services even when you’re not online. You could also earn by referring other people to them.

4- Ammas

Another great site where you can give advice and answers, and make decent money with your knowledge.

5- Chacha

Chacha is based on mobile service. So, people seeking advice send in their queries through their phones, you will be notified by ChaCha, then you can provide them your tips and advice. ChaCha is actually one of the few of these kinds of sites where there is a huge earning potential.


As you can imagine, you probably can not rely on giving advice for money as a way to make a living online.

So, don’t quite your day job yet!

However, it’s a great way to help other people, and perhaps get them going towards the right direction, while getting paid to give advice.