This Website Pays You to Eat Out!

Get paid to eat out and shop offline?…

The first time I heard that, I was thinking exactly what you are thinking now “it sounds too good to be true, not to mention it sounds to wired!”. But, apparently it exists, you can actually get paid to eat and shop.

Getting Paid To Eat And Shop

Currently the only way to get paid to eat at restaurants is thru a site called Basically, Plink is a registered card program that enables normal people to earn what are called “Plink Points” (which can be redeemed for gift certificate and other prizes) for dining out and shopping offline.

They have worked out a deal with hundreds of restaurants and stores where for every customer Pink sends to them, Plink earns commission. And that is how Plink can afford to pay people for eating out and shopping through them.

The way it works is rather simple, you do not need to carry especial card or print out coupons every time you want to go eat out or shop. When you register with Plink, you link one of your credit cards to your account. That is how they can know when and where you shop or eat, so that they can reward you for that.

Then every time you eat out at a restaurant or shop in a store, Plink can automatically credit your account for that dining or shopping. The best part is that you can choose where you want to eat or shop, and Plink simply activates those offers on your credit or debit card. You go out, dine and enjoy yourself, and earn money in the process. Basically, it’s just like getting paid to do nothing at all.

You don’t have to worry about your credit card info, as they actually use bank-level encryption to secure your login info. Then their system scans your transactional data to track your purchases so that they can credit your account with the appropriate amount of points and other incentives.

The good thing is that any kind of credit card works with them, even if you have a reward card where your credit card provider gives you points or cash back for your shopping, you can still use that with Plink. That’s a double win for you as you earn points and rewards twice.

You can also earn 10 Plink points for rendering a friend. The more friends you refer, the more points you earn.

Keep in mind that as of right now, their program only allows registering one credit card or debit card. So, when you register, make sure you link to the credit card that you use most often, so you can get rewarded for purchases through that credit card.

I have heard of a few other sites as well that reward people for dining out, but none of them have really taken off yet. For now, Plink is the only program that allows you to get paid to eat out at restaurants.