Get Paid to Comment on Blogs

Getting paid to comment on blogs is becoming more main stream these days. Although, the paid posting idea is nothing new (after all, people have been getting paid to post on forums for a long time now), posting comments on blogs is actually a new trend.

With the ever increasing popularity of blogs, more and more blogs are being created each and every day. But blogs are different than the normal websites, blogs are centered around community involvement and user generated content. That means blog commenting is a big part of any successful blog.

However, a new blog that doesn’t get much search engine traffic, obviously doesn’t get much comment on its posts either. That is where the idea of paid to post comment comes in – Blog owners pay people to post simple short comments on their posts to make the blog look more active, thus encouraging more people to get involved and comment.


If you are interested in earning some extra cash with blogs as a paid commentator, here are a few third party sites where you can register for free, and find bloggers who will pay you to post comments on their sites:


As long as you can write in English without mistakes, you are free to join the site no matter where you live. On average, you can get paid around $0.08 per comment. However, the exact number will vary based on the blog and your comment. Once you have earned $5.00, you can withdraw your earnings via PayPal.


Although on this site you get paid to post on forums, you can also find paid blog commenting jobs as well. Register for free and you can start commenting and getting paid right away.

3- DigitalPointsForum

This is an Internet marketing forum, and not a get paid to post comments site per se, but since most people who hang out here are new bloggers, you can easily find blog commenting jobs by posting an ad in the classified section or just by keeping an eye out for bloggers who post commenter wanted ads.


This is one of the most famous freelancing job sites and one that has lots of paid commenting jobs posted on. Once you have registered and became a member, you can search for paid commenting jobs and simply apply for them. Be sure to do quality jobs so that your one time client can become a returning client who will also refer you to other bloggers who may need paid comment posters.

Last Word

Keep in mind that you can pretty much use any Internet marketing and blogging related forums to find bloggers and websites owners who are willing to pay you to post for them. You can also try other freelancing sites to find such clients.

Getting paid to comments on blogs is a great way to earn extra money working from home. The amount of money you can make depends on how much time and effort you are willing to put into it. The more time and energy you put into it, the more money you can make.

The best part is that if you write quality comments, you may even get hired by the same bloggers to write exclusive blog posts for their blogs which can pay anywhere from $5 to up to $50 and even more per post. So, while you secure other money making opportunities, you also get paid to comment on blogs,