7 Sites that Pay You to Be Online

Can you get paid to be online?…If you are anything like me and spend an awful a lot of time on the Internet, you probably thought about the idea of getting paid online for free for spending all this time you spend browsing the web. Well, the good news is that now you can! There are many people who are getting paid to be online and so can you.

There are a few different ways which you can get paid for being online. But most of them are not worth the time and effort you have to put into them. But there are other online money-making methods that are actually worth your while.

In order to pick easy money-making methods to share with you guys, I went ahead and researched a lot of them. But I only included sites that:

  1. Offer an easy way for you to make money.
  2. Are totally free to join.
  3. Don’t require any skills or experience for earning money
  4. Pay a decent amount of money for the time and effort you have to invest.

With that said, here are a few sites where you can get paid while being online.


7 Ways To Get Paid Online For Free


National Consumer Panel
This company is one of the most enjoyable sites to work with. They conduct online surveys about movies, clothes, music, food and everything in between. But the best part is that they often send you stuff home for free to test and evaluate. After a few weeks they send you an email with a few questions about the stuff they sent you, once you answer those questions, they will send you your check.

So, not only you get paid to try products at home, you also earn money for taking online surveys, not to mention the fact that you get lots of free products.

If you ever wanted to earn cash playing online games, this is your chance! On this site, you can play unlimited games of all kinds and win coll prizes. Its fun, easy and really exciting.

PeepsPay identifies itself as a website where people can make money by simply socializing with their friends through PeepsPay. But you can actually earn money for a whole a lot of other things. You can get paid to post blogs and pictures, invite your friends to join you, shopping, watching videos, watching TV commercials and lost of other things.

Springboard America
A great survey site where you can make anywhere from $3 to up to $75 for completing 15-45 minutes online surveys. Their surveys are fun and give you an opportunity to test see and in some cases actually test new products before they are even in the market.

You can earn points for simply searching the web. Yes, anytime you want to search for something online, instead of using Google or other search engines, use
Swagbucks and earn pints. Once you have enough points, you can redeem your points for gift certificates and lots of other prizes.

You can earn points for doing almost anything you already do online, from playing games, reading emails, shopping, taking surveys, visiting new sites, registering for free offer and so on. Once you have enough points you can redeem for a variety of gift cards.

Gomez PEER
This is a company that helps big websites improve their site performance by continuously testing their performance from different computers from around the world. Once you sign up with them, you install their software and you get paid for every minute your computer is connected to the internet. You dont have to do a thing. I mean, you practically are getting paid for doing nothing!


As you can imagine, non of these money-making methods are going to help you quit your day job. They just provide you an easy way to earn some extra cash in your spare time without spending any money.

Of course, there are other ways you can make money for being online, but as I said, these are just a few easy and free ways that anyone can use to get paid to be online.