30 Companies that Pay You to Advertise on Your Website

Just about any webmaster has the ability to show ads on their site, which means if you own a site, you too can get paid to advertise on your website. There are several techniques to do this. If you don’t have a website yet, you have to put together one initially, or perhaps you could purchase an established website.

Once your site is all set and good to go, give some thought to the way you want to advertise. You can learn the best way to make money with blogs and websites through advertising, by simply doing some analysis of your projected audience, then monetize your site based on what the audience would be interested in.

Ok, lets see how you can get paid to advertise on your own site.

1- Promote Products As An Affiliate

Sign up for affiliate networks like CJ as well as ShareASale totally free, next choose a couple of products and services that tailors to the expectations of your target market and show their advertisements on your website. It’s also possible to put your affiliate URL within your posts if you would like.

Anytime somebody purchases a product or service using your affiliate URL, you receive a commission. Obviously, the commission rate will depend on the very price of the product or service and just how much the vendor consents to share.

Having said that you will find out just how much every single lead is going to yield for you, when you first pick and choose to advertise that particular service or product.

10 Best Affiliate Networks
Commission Junction
Amazon Associates
Google Affiliate Network
eBay Partner Network


2- Make Money On Your Site With Pay Per Click

Pay Per click represents a system where ads are shown on your website through a third party, whenever an individual clicks one of the ads, you receive a commission. In accordance with your website subject, the advertisements loaded and also the sum you receive per click varies.

There are lots of Pay per click advertising firms that you can use to place advertisements on your own website, however, probably the most well-known one might be Ad-sense, which may also be the most convenient one to incorporate into your website.

Basically place a small snippet of code to your website and then Ad sense technology will on auto-pilot dish out advertisements which happen to be in connection with the substance of your website. You are able to show targeted ads on your site, therefore you receive a greater number of clicks on your ads as those ads will be super targeted to your unique readership.

10 Best PPC Networks
Yahoo publisher Network


3- Monetize Your Site With CPA Offers

CPA basically is short for cost for action, which means whenever you have a link to a CPA offer on your website, each time somebody clicks the ad, goes to the actual advertiser’s website and does a certain activity specified by your merchant, like subscribing to their totally free e-zine, downloading a game, or purchasing a product or service from their website, you earn money.

The good thing when it comes to Cost per action is the fact that with the majority of advertisers, your readers won’t even really need to shell out a penny so that you can earn your commission, commonly virtually all they need to do for you to receive a commission, would be to basically go with freebies.

After all, it’s actually a whole lot quicker to get somebody to grab a product free of charge as opposed to getting them to spend money. For that reason Cost per action marketing is truly one of my favorite blog money-making techniques.

10 Best CPA Networks
Affiliate Future
Hydra Networks


Needless to say, you’ll find so many alternative methods of advertising on your site. For example, you can sell your own digital products such as eBooks and short reports.

However, the previously mentioned strategies tend to be the most widely used blog money-making strategies, and at the same time, these represent the most suitable option for a lot of newbies hoping to get paid for advertising on their site.