Get Paid to Advertise on Facebook

How would you like to get paid to advertise on Facebook?…

With the ever increasing popularity of Facebook, more and more opportunities are opening up for businesses to make money through Facebook by advertising their products and services to a highly targeted audience. But that’s just for product owners and businesses, usually an average Facebook user has no way of making money by advertising on Facebook.

However, I am about to share a method where you and I, the average Facebook user can earn money by advertising other people’s products and services on our Facebook pages.

The beauty of this method is that you can use it on many social networking sites. For example, you can get paid to advertise on twitter, and you can even get paid to advertise on YouTube.

How it works?

The concept is very simple, you sign up with the sites mentioned below who have worked out a deal with lots of businesses who want to advertise their products to Facebook users. The advertiser pay these sites to match them with average Facebook users like you and I.


Once you register with these sites, you can brows through their ad inventory and choose the kind of ads you want to promote on Facebook. Whichever ad you pick, will be promoted to your Facebook friends through a status update. It’s as simple as that.

The best part of getting paid for advertising on Facebook is that you are in full control. You can choose what kind of ads to display, how many advertisement updates you want to send in a day, etc.

How much money can you make?

The amount of money you can earn by advertising on Facebook depends on a few different factors, such as the particular ad and how much the advertiser is willing to pay for it, how many friends and followers you have, how targeted they are in regards to the product or service being advertised and things like that.

Obviously, you can not expect to get rich by monetizing your social networking profiles, but non the less, it’s an easy and quick way of making fast cash without investing any money or much effort.

With that said, here are 2 sites that you can use to find advertisers in order to monetize your Facebook page.

1. WingsPlay

Wingsplay is a start up company founded in March 2012.

It pays you to share video ads on Facebook, twitter and a few other social networking sites. Most of their videos are fun video ads, the kind that go viral like crazy. So, you don’t have to be worrying about boring your Facebook friends by displaying lame video ads on your wall.

You can also earn more money by referring your friends to sign up with the site. Once they register and stat earning money, you earn 10% of what they earn as your commission.


MyLike is similar to WingsPlay, but with one major difference, they don’t just use video ads to monetize your Facebook page, they also have text ads.

Simply find advertising campaigns that you like, then send sponsored videos, tweets, status updates and so on. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, it could be as simple as “I found a new product for x, its great. You should definitely try it”. As long as you put a link to the advertiser’s offer page, you are good to go.

You get paid per click or view, meaning, every time one of your Facebook or twitter friends clicks or views the ad, you earn commission. Once you have earned enough, you will be paid (weekly) through PayPal or Amazon gift cards.


Remember to not go over board, as by sending too many sponsored status updates or tweets you risk alienating your Facebook and twitter friends and followers.

And to increase your earnings, make sure to choose the right ad campaigns to get paid to advertise on Facebook.