Hi, and thank you for visiting ToxicAgenda.com.

I created this blog to share easy and (mostly) free and quick ways of making money online. Since I wanted to create a different kind of blog, I focused the entire blog on the Get Paid To topic, where I regularly post get paid to sites and opportunities.

I really do hope that this site can be helpful in providing you real information without any hype about earning extra cash online and offline.

What’s up with the name?

As for the name, ToxicAgenda (I know you guys are curious, as I have already been asked a few times), I bought this domain originally to talk about political issues and expose some negative stuff that governments and big corporations around the world do for their own especial interest while fooling the public (or at least they seem to think so) into thinking that there are other good motives for what they are doing. And that’s where the name ToxicAgenda comes from, as I believe most governments and big corporation’s only agenda is to rip us all off.

Anyway, a while after I bought the domain, I changed my mind based on a few things, and since I was already thinking about starting a blog about making money, I thought why not use this domain that I have got.

I know it’s not the best name for a blog trying to help other people make real money while avoiding money-making scams, but it just happened.

Any way, I truly hope this blog will help you make money online without getting scammed. Thank you